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   Babka Bookstore



 Bookstore Hours


Monday - 8:30-5:45

Tuesday - 8:30-4:45

Wednesday - 8:30-4:45

Thursday - 8:30-5:45

Friday - 8:30-4:45

Saturday - 9:00-1:00

Extended Saturday hours on the following dates:

October 20th-9:00-3:00 Preview Day

Homecoming hours:

Thursday, October 25th 8:30-7:00

Friday, October 26th 8:30-8:00

Saturday, October 27th 9:00-7:00 - GAME is at 2:00. 

We begin selling at the game at 12:00 until after

half time is over. 

Sunday, October 28th 9:00-1:00

November 10th-9:00-3:00 Preview Day.

We will sell at the football game and the basketball game.

CLOSED SATURDAY, November 17th and November 24th

for Thanksgiving Break.

Call 563.589.3195 Textbooks

Call 563.589.3131 for Clothing/

Merchandise questions

We close when the college closes for

Holiday's and snow days.


For merchandise questions please call 563.589.3131.
For textbook questions call 563-589-3195