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  1) Select a Term:  Term F19 includes undergraduate, Graduate courses and Seminary. LIFE TERMS are: 119, 219, 319, 419, 519, 619, 719, 819, 919 for the Fall/Spring 2019/2020 semesters.  U20 will include all summer courses that have textbooks.
2) Select the Department.
3) Select the Course.
4) Select add to course after you select each course.
5) You will see all of your courses in the window on the right of the page.
6) At the bottom of that window select get course materials.
7) This will show you all of the book(s) that are required, recommended or optional.
a) It is open to order and you may place the book in your shopping cart or
b) It is open for viewing and you may just view the book selected for the course.

 How to Order Books for the Life Program:
1) Select the Life term that is shown on the website.  It is the most CURRENT session on the academic calendar.
    Select the Course: BAC
    Select the Course Number: 328
    Select the section by what Life session you are taking.
    Example: L5 (for session 5), L6 (for session 6), etc.

L=Dubuque C=Cedar Rapids T=Tempe

3) Please refer to the instructions above to complete the order.

    ***Please Note: If you select you want USED ONLY and we do not have a USED book on our shelf, your order will NOT be filled.  We suggest that you select USED PREFERRED.