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New to our website is art work by a

local artist, Carl Johnson. 

His gallery is available at


Carl's interest in art and his early talent have shaped his life.

He holds a BFA in Design from the University of Illinois/Champaign and became a commercial artist in the metro Chicago area.

In 1970 he moved to Galena, Illinois to paint full time.

Galena's Historic District has greatly inspired him in developing his pen-and-ink and watercolor technique to record historic architecture.

In 1977 Carl published The building of Galena: An Architectural Legacy, including 15 watercolor illustrations.


Carl always paints 'on location'. He respects and enjoys his surroundings... wherever he is.

His world is a changing world of place, season and light.

Using pen and ink he details his architectural subjects, adding watercolor to give the drawings life and atmosphere.

Carl prefers to let color alone define natural subjects, like rural landscapes or flowers.